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My aspiration for this helicopter database is to create a valuable resource not only for my friends but also for helicopter enthusiasts worldwide. On the 'Current List' section, you can find meticulously crafted datasheets that are nearly complete, and ready to be shared with our community.
These pages offer insights into helicopters that we've diligently documented to near perfection. My ultimate ambition is to extend this level of detail and coverage to every helicopter ever manufactured and archived within our database.
Admittedly, achieving this level of comprehensiveness for all helicopters is an ambitious undertaking. However, I am fully committed, along with the support of my dedicated friends and picture contributors, to getting as close to realizing this dream as possible. We are well aware of the challenges in gathering and organizing such a wealth of information, but our determination remains unwavering.
Our collective efforts will not only aim to maintain and update existing data but also incorporate new helicopter registrations from across the globe. The master data we strive to provide encompasses essential information, such as the helicopter's construction number, registration or serial code, type, year of construction, owner, operator, and location. Additionally, we aim to include other pertinent details whenever available.
In some instances, we may only possess partial data, such as information on the type, registration, and country, while lacking operator details. Nonetheless, we are dedicated to filling in these gaps and making this database an invaluable resource for helicopter enthusiasts and aviation aficionados worldwide.


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